Attorney and Legal Support Staff Salaries: What do Lawyers Earn?

1) News sources: Most national news publications have annual “What Lawyers Earn” articles. Try the Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, ABA Journal, and other places. Use a search engine or index to locate these.

2) Professional Associations, e.g.: American Bar Association (ABA) and National Association for Legal Professionals (NALP), Pacific Northwest Paralegal Association

3) Private sources, e.g.: Robert Half Legal “2013 Salary Guide” on compensation in the legal field.

4) Government surveys: Bureau of Labor Statistics reports on lawyers and on paralegals and legal assistants.

5) Statewide: In Oregon, the Oregon State Bar (OSB) recently updated their Economic Report, compiling attorney salary data. You can find this report at the OSB website, under Surveys & Reports.

6) If you’re a law student, don’t forget the resources at your law school’s career services office and your law library.

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