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Law Library Borrowing Privileges to Be Forfeited


Librarians have a bad reputation for being pushovers. We are on occasion, though I like to think it is more a matter of our wanting to be fair that the punishment fits the crime. Do I really want to flog someone for not returning library books? But we do have our limits and some of my library patrons, WHO KNOW WHO THEY ARE, have not returned their CLE course materials and if I do not see them or my library’s books within the next couple of day, WILL HAVE THEIR BORROWING PRIVILEGES WITHDRAWN through the end of this MCLE reporting year. Happy Holidays!

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One response to “Law Library Borrowing Privileges to Be Forfeited”

  1. Shelley says:

    OK, OK! I know I’m late on the CLE, but I have a really good excuse…


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