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Lawyers and April Fool’s Day


You didn’t know there was such talent amongst the lawyer-classes, did you? For a sampling, see the April First Blawg Review Prequel, which also links to our very own (Oregon, that is) David Rossmiller’s (from Dunn Carney) well crafted and respected Insurance Coverage Law Blog. And thanks to David Giacalone at f/k/a (baseball haiku and lawyer advertising news- all in one blog posting – what more could you want for a Monday morning wake-up jolt?).

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One response to “Lawyers and April Fool’s Day”

  1. Hello, Laura. Thanks for the pointer and thanks for stopping by f/k/a. I hope it’s habit-forming.

    I did it again: Ate all the Easter Candy before Easter. I even admitted to it here at Magnapoets.

    Any candy confessions called for out there in Oregon?

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