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Oregon Employment Law: Paychecks, Employers, Holiday pay, Mealtimes, and More


Do you have Oregon employement of labor law questions about:

1) Final paychecks?
2) On the job meal times?
3) Domestic worker compensation?
4) Home health care workers?
5) What about interns, students, whistle blowing, volunteers, religious accommodation, personnel files, crime victim leave, hours worked, or independent contractors?

BOLI FAQs have so many informative fact sheets that you might want to make yourself comfortable, grab a coffee, and settle in for some interesting online reading.

Happy FAQ surfing!

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One response to “Oregon Employment Law: Paychecks, Employers, Holiday pay, Mealtimes, and More”

  1. Hi,
    I was wondering what Oregon Law has to say about receiving the final paycheck. It's now been six days since I quit my nanny job and the mother has not paid me for all my final hours (including the ones from last month, beginning of July) Is it true that interest builds up daily for me not being paid? If so how much? I don't know what to do 🙁 Please help!

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