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Do Bar Associations Pick on Solos more than on Large Law Firms?


This is a topic about which we, law librarians who serve primarily solo and small law firm practitioners, hear a great deal:

Posted at MyShingle, on Aug 13th: “Back in February 2003, when MyShingle was still in its infancy, I wrote this blockbuster post, entitled The Bar’s Dirty Little Not So Secret Secret, which offers some powerful evidence to demonstrate that solo and small firm lawyers are the targets of disciplinary actions far more than our large firm counterparts. Apparently, the disparity between large and small firm treatment remains an issue four years later; it was the topic of a bar panel discussion at last week’s ABA conference, with some great follow up commentary here at Susan Cartier Liebel’s How to Build A Solo Practice blog.”

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    Please check out my post on Tuesday, August 28, 2007 where guest blogger, Michael Frisch, former bar prosecutor for D.C. (17 year veteran) discusses avoiding/dealing with bar complaints and whether or not there is a bias against solos.

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