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Oregon (9th Circ): Mandatory Arbitration Sometimes Unconscionable


9th Cir: Mandatory Arbitration Unconscionable Where Employer Holds Disparate Bargaining Power and Imposes Cost Sharing

Applying Oregon law, a 9th Circuit panel has held that the combination of substantial disparity in bargaining power and unreasonably favorable terms to the more powerful party renders a mandatory arbitration agreement unconscionable.” (Link to full post)

I last posted about Oregon arbitration law here.

Research Tip of the Day: A quick way to see how blawgers around the country (and in Oregon) are reporting on legal news about and in Oregon:

1) Go to Justia Blawg Search
2) Type < Oregon > into the search box
3) Click on Search by Date (unless you want just the Relevance search)

Another way is to follow the Legal News at Boly.

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