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100 Uses for Pocket U.S. Constitutions


I frequently get calls from people looking for U.S. pocket constitutions and I happily refer them to our various sources, including this one, which is having a sale!

But it occurred to me that I should start a 100 Uses for Pocket U.S. Constitutions list. Here goes:

1) To hand out to law library patrons on Constitution Day.
2) To pass around to public-transit mates when we start talking about the 17th Amendment (election of Senators) and other heavy subjects. (And see also #7, below.)
3) Gifts on special occasions or for special people who appreciate such things
4) A book group “book” (research guides about the U.S. Constitution?)
5) A book-group prop when reading a history or political science book (I took a stack of them for everyone when we read Kafka Comes to America.)
6) Stocking stuffers (and this doesn’t just have to be for Christmas 🙂
7) Peace Out, Dawg offerings when riding public transit (it’s hard to get mad at someone who’s handing you a free pocket U.S. Constitution!)
8) Luggage stuffers. I always put one in my suitcase, on top, before I close the lid. It’s not prohibited, is it?
9) When a law library patrons asks, “can you sign away your Constitutional rights?”
10) As a handout when I teach a class to paralegals.
11) To hand out to the first 10 librarians who attend the inaugural business meeting of the recently formed Oregon Library Association (OLA) Legal Reference Round Table during the OLA Annual Meeting.
12) …

Uh … 😛

Maybe I should not aim for 100 uses. But give me time. I might be able to make it to 20.

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