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2009 Oregon Legislature’s (Car) Towing Statutes


Practice makes perfect?

Each legislative session we see new laws about towing. Add these to updated local towing ordinances and we could probably write book on Oregon towing laws!

We won’t though (aren’t you glad?), but can try to keep you updated, to a degree, if only to alert you to the fact that you should check both state and local laws on towing before deciding on your next course of action, that is, calling someone to complain, e.g. your newspaper, your legislators, city council members, the mayor, your lawyer, your favorite blogger, etc..

The 2009 Oregon Legislature enacted this new law on towing:

Relating to towers; amending ORS 90.485, 98.812, 98.854 and 98.856.
Be It Enacted by the People of the State of Oregon:
SECTION 1. ORS 98.812 is amended to read: ….”

You can read the Oregon Laws version: … HB 2578: Chapter 622, (2009 Laws): Effective date January 1, 2010 (PDF and HTML versions).

But don’t look for it yet, in the 2009 ORS, but soon, soon.

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