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2011 Oregon Legislature: Legislative Sessions, History, and Bills


1) Stay tuned for the 2011 Oregon Legislative Session. And don’t forget that we will now have annual sessions, which will be even more exciting for law librarians who already have to explain the difference between session laws and codes. (You can also read about codification and my other attempt to explain session law vs. codification/codes.)

2) Visit the Oregon Legislature’s website for links to current and previous bills and laws.

3) About those Annual Sessions: See Ballotpedia’s entry and links for the 2010 Measure 71 that was approved by voters in November 2010. It amends the Oregon Constitution: “Amends Constitution: Requires legislature to meet annually; limits length of legislative sessions; provides exceptions.” (Measure 71)

4) Legislative Hearing Minutes: don’t forget that you now have to listen to the hearings in full to find out who said what. Visit the Oregon Legislature’s website for audio/video links. (Read more about legislative intent and legislative drafting and interpretation.)

5) Legislative intent: For an update to my previous post on Oregon Legislative History: From PGE to Gaines, see OSB Bulletin, October 2010, article, Methodology Matters, by Robert M. Wilsey.

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