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News, and News, and News of the Day:

Today’s Oregonian, 10/20/06, was chock full of legal news. Not everyone gets to read it from cover to cover (I have a VERY long Trimet commute), but take a look at the newspaper today if you get a chance. I’ll try and link here to the online stories, but with Oregonlive, that is not always a fruitful endeavor, so maybe you should just start from their Front Page. If you don’t read newspapers, remember the wise words from The Wonkette, “… for the love of god, do not use us as your primary news source….” The same sentiment can be applied to the Daily Show. Your mother also knew that you can’t live on chewing gum alone.

Onward with today’s news:

Oregon Law Commission ethics panel story: calls for ethics violation penalties but no ban on gifts

James Chasse and the Lukus Glenn stories: their stories continue to unfold not just in the Oregonian but also here, here, and just about everywhere else locally.

Lopez Minharez case in the Washington County Circuit Court continues to puzzle

Oregon Supreme Court upholds Measure 3 (2000). (Or, link to this here.

Also, don’t forget to check all your news papers for election endorsements. The Oregonian, Willamette Week, and the Portland Tribune all made theirs this week. If you like to look at newspapers from around the state, here’s a great link to a lot of them (thank you Multnomah Public Library!).

Two unrelated but interesting stories also in today’s Oregonian (and elsewhere), the sale of Dagoba to Hershey Chocolate (reported on yesterday, aka Jack Bog’s Blog) and one of those heartwarming stories (yeah yeah) about a Goodwill donation that turned to gold. Oh, and Steve “Tazo” Smith is moving on to new adventures. (I’d link to Tazo here, but it’s such an annoying Flash link I’ll save you the pain.)

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