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New Lawyers and Business Cards


No Excuses – it’s time to think about technology and your law practice: “When I meet someone in a bar, in a meeting or at the bar during a meeting and they give me a business card with an email address, or – I wince. No kidding, I have a client who files bankruptcies through the CM/ECF as “ I beg him to change it all the time – to let me help him – he won’t. Why? Because his wife likes it and because he just had 500 business cards printed! I can only help those who want to be helped. ” This quotation is from an excellent blog by someone who teaches lawyers and others some basic technology and business truths and skills. Now personally, I would have given her blog a better (er, more professional?) name, but we’ll cut her some slack. There’s a lot of useful information here for those of you who absolutely must stop thinking that “technology is cool.” It is, but if you have a business to run, it’s not. It’s a tool and must be managed with the same care and professionalism you use in other parts of your business. Thanks to Ernie the Attorney, always a class act, for the link.

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