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Access to Justice: Lawyer Referral, Self-Represented Litigants, Courthouse Self-Help, and more


Thinking about legal self help, access to justice, unbundled legal services?

Richard Zorza’s Access to Justice Blog has all kinds of intriguing posts and links, e.g.

1) “Lawyer Referral Services Are the Key Gateway to Unbundled Services and California Leads the Way,” 10/16/12.

2) “Time for a National Center on Mobile Access to Justice,” posted 11/3/12

3) “Court Simplification Working Paper from SRLN,” 10/30/12

4) “What Happens When a Federal Court Pays Attention to the Self-Represented — the Central District of California Bankruptcy Court Is A Model for Us All,” 10/18/12

You can also link directly to the  Self Represented Litigation Network (SRLN), another organization for legal service providers. They work with courts, legal aid service providers, public law librarians, and many others on Access to Justice initiatives.

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