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Aging, the Law, and AARP


I’m an unabashed fan of the AARP Bulletin. (This is different from being uncritical of some of AARP’s positions.) I learn as much, and sometimes about the same things, as I do reading Consumer Reports. This month (Jan 2007) in the AARP Bulletin their column, The Law, has this question: “Does a retirement community violate federal laws by deciding what kind of living arrangements residents need?” The online edition doesn’t yet have a live link to the story, but it is listed in the table of contents. Apparently there has been a lawsuit filed in California, by the plaintiff, Herriot and AARP, against Channing House in Palo Alto. Another story about this lawsuit is here.

The AARP Bulletin also has this column, Ask the Experts, and questions about law, finance, and government are answered.

And, they also have a legal services network, which I will add to my growing “How to Find a Lawyer” list I am compiling for my upcoming programs on the subject.

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