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Agony Aunt Financial and Other Advice Caveats: Let the “Expert” and the Reader Beware


Many of us love “agony aunt” and other Q&A columns where we get to read about other people’s problems and the relationship, ethics, financial, and business advice the Agony Aunt/Uncle dishes out.

Many of them are also quite good, in a daily horoscope sort of way, where the advice is drafted to provide maximum encouragement and minimum (actionable) harm, with a strong dose of common sense.

However, if you plan to take the “advice” and act on it, please, please be a smart consumer and consult a lawyer (or other appropriate professional) when the answer seems too good (too easy, too glib) to be true, and especially if it could affect your health, finances, family, etc.

It doesn’t take much to read between the lines and see there might be a legal problem, with a parent, a spouse, a “friend,” a borrower, a lender, a collector, etc.

A very good example is provided in this Nolo Blog post: “The New York Times Ethicist Should Start with the Law

You can read other Nolo Blog posts at their website.

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