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Are Oregon Legislative Concepts Protected by Attorney-Client Privilege?


“State sued for withholding proposed legislation,” Paris Achen/Capital Bureau, Portland Tribune, September 10, 2018

The Portland Tribune article links to the complaint, filed in Marion County Circuit Court.

Other articles on the lawsuit can be found in:

Editorial: Transparency takes another hit with state’s unwarranted secrecy,” September 11, 2018

Jefferson Public Radio:
Oregon Agency Sued After Refusing to Release Upcoming Legislative Bills,” by Dirk Vanderhart, OPB, Sept. 11, 2018

Oregon State Library Clips:
State sued for withholding proposed legislation

Search for those and other articles (and updates), or if the above links break, using these keywords in the search engine of your choice:

portland chaimov legislative concepts

Note: Not all Oregon legislative bills are online. Visit the Oregon State Legislature or the State Archives (Secretary of State) websites to find digital copies of bills.

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