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Asset Searches in Dissolutions of Marriage (Oregon)


Asset Searches in Dissolutions of Marriage,” by Ann Richards & R.T. Tavey, in the Oregon State Bar (OSB) Family Law Newsletter, June 2008, pp. 1-3.

(These useful newsletters from OSB Sections are not well-indexed so I try to highlight some of their articles when they land on my desk/top. You can contact your nearest law school or county law library (see sidebar for links) and ask about reading a copy.)

There is lots of information on the Internet about locating public records, but makes sure you know about the dangers of taking at face value everything you see on the Internet (or read in a book or a magazine or hear on the radio – shall I go on?). Always turn on your crap detectors (e.g. try this How to Evaluate Legal Web Sites guide from the excellent Maryland People’s Law Library website).

When searching public records, I like to start with free sources, and posted recently this about Skip Tracing training at the King County Law Library (KCLL).

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