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Bankruptcy and Family Law: the Nexus


I posted many years ago on this subject, more a note for myself than for readers, but I have had reason lately to update that post for all of us, with these new resources:

1) The 2009 Family Law OSB CLE also has a couple of chapters on the subject.

2) Bankruptcy and Domestic Relations Manual, by Hon. William Houston Brown, 2008-09 edition, Thomson-West Bankruptcy Series

My 2006 post included this comment:

Judge Perris recently issued a decision in a bankruptcy case that has a good discussion of whether a divorce settlement entered into on the eve of bankruptcy constitutes a fraudulent transfer under bankruptcy law and how to value the potential fraudulent transfer claim against the ex-spouse in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.” In re Dale Gordon, August 31, 2005, (Case No. 04-38864-elp13) and can be found here and on Westlaw or Lexis).

It also included this reference, but we no longer have this CLE in our collection, though some other library might, and OLI surely does: “OLI also presented a “Bankruptcy Law for Family Law Practitioners” program in 2004.”

(A related title: OSB CLE course book: “The Crossroads of Estate Planning and Dissolution Law: Lessons for Lawyers in Both Fields,” June 19, 2009.)

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