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Blinded by Guilt and Butt-Dialing the Devil (Journal of Exp Social Psych)


Librarians advocate reading widely, especially outside one’s usual fields of interest or even research. (This is the opposite of what most “social media” (aka anti-social media) forces on their customers.)

I came across the phrase “blinded by guilt” in a lighthearted mystery novel and when I did a random search for the phrase, I came across the following article in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. (The “Butt-dialing the devil” article was just a bonus, listed in the “recommended articles” sidebar. Remember this rule: Always Read the Whole Screen.”

Litigators, civil and criminal, and litigants might find some value in the research, if only to store away for future reference.

Note: These are not free articles. If you want to read them in full, you can check with your local or state libraries, public and academic, to find out if they subscribe to the journal or can get copies of the article(s) for you.

1) “Blinded by guilt: Short-term relational focus and lying,” by Shike Li and Kriti Jain.
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 96, September 2021, 104191
(DOI link)

2) “Butt-dialing the devil: Evil agents are expected to disregard intentions behind requests,” by Rebecca J.Dunk, Brandon W. Goulding, Jonathan A. Fugelsang, Ori Friedman. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, Volume 96, September 2021, 104188
(DOI link)


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