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Blog to TV Pilot? From $0 to $$150,000 to $$$


The Law Librarian Blog has a post about blogging as “scholarship”, but the eye-opening news is at the end of the blog post. I’m not sure if I’m more astounded at a blogger (of SCOTUS Blog) spending (assuming this is correct) $150,000 on his blog (though perhaps I should be surprised at the paltry sum spent given the quality and substance of the blog) or am more tickled by a blogger and his blog being translated into a TV show, which will cost (and pay) way more than that $150,000, so I’m sure no one is complaining:

Blogging as Thinking Out Loud Sometimes

Excerpt: “…Or how does one turn blogging into a TV pilot? The Washingtonian is reporting that NBC is developing a TV series based on the life of SCOTUSblog founder Tom Goldstein. A partner at Akin Gump who has argued 21 Supreme Court cases, Goldstein spends about $150,000 a year of his own money to fund the excellent and rarely off topic SCOTUSblog….” (read full LLB post)

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