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Blogging, Commitment, and Legal Cartoons


Blogging is a commitment – it’s not a civil (or criminal) commitment, although it sometimes may feel that way, but it’s still something to take seriously (and I also believe civilly), assuming you the blogger want to be taken seriously. You need to blog regularly to keep up the momentum, your own and your readers. (See my previous posts on blogging, here and on public sector blogging.)

But, it can’t be as difficult as trying to trying to come up with a cartoon a day, which has to be up there with having to put out an interesting newspaper every day (with real articles, not just wire stories) or feeding a family 3 meals a day, day after day, week after week, month after …. You get the point, which may not be what you think it is.

Imagine, each and every single day, day after day, week after …, you are introduced to someone as the “funniest person I know,” and each time someone new looks at you as if to say, “ok, say something funny.” How many of us can meet that challenge?! Daily cartoonists do!

There are a lot of web lawyer cartoonists, bless their hearts, and one I’ve been following recently is Courtoons. It’s a law-cartoon so I get to blawg about it. It’s not sophisticated, the cartoonist is no great artist, but it will still tickle your funny bone, especially if you remember those gruesome law school years.

Don’t forget to visit Stu’s Views, too. And, for more, just Google the words: lawyer law cartoons comics. Lawyers have to get it out of their systems, too!

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