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Books about Careers in the Law


It’s that time of year when high school and college students start asking questions about “careers in the law.”

There is a lot of “recommended reading” at law school admissions websites and there are also a lot of “pre-law” and law student “Must Read” lists you can find using “the Google.”  There is also this gem from the Volokh Conspiracy, but I’m not inclined to disillusion high school students with it, even though it is terribly funny.

[If you’re thinking about law school In the U.K., they have the wonderful Granville Williams “Learning the Law.”]

Here are a few titles I’ve found, and I’m looking for others so expect an update to this blog post. [The dates in the square brackets are to public library editions.]

1) “24 hours with 24 lawyers: profiles of traditional and non-traditional careers,” by Jasper Kim [2011]

2) “Careers for legal eagles & other law-and-order types,” by Blythe Camenson [2005]

3) “Careers in law,” by Gary A. Munneke [2004?]

4) “Cool careers for girls in law,” by Ceel Pasternak & Linda Thornburg [2001]

5) “Fifty unique legal paths : how to find the right job,” by Ursula Furi-Perry [2008]

6) “Law,” Amy Hackney Blackwell [2010]

7) “Nonlegal careers for lawyers,” by Gary A. Munneke, William D. Henslee, Ellen Wayne [2006]

8) “The ultimate guide to your legal career: what every young lawyer must know to avoid the mistakes and maximize the value of a career in the law,” by Cannon, K. Charles [2007]

9) “Career opportunities in law and the legal industry,” by Echaore-McDavid, Susan [2002]

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