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Buying, Selling, Merging and Closing a Law Practice in Oregon


We’ve been getting excellent feedback on the ABA’s “Buying, Selling, Merging and Closing a Law Practice”.

When law partners part amicably, they may find that a how-to book is useful, but when they part less than amicably, they must have a book, forms, checklists, and sometimes more – a referee maybe?

In Oregon, attorneys also have the incomparable PLF staff members who advise Oregon attorneys on all sorts of legal practice, and getting out of practice, issues. New Oregon attorneys don’t automatically think about PLF and about just how many services are provided by the PLF. The PLF really wants to keep you out of trouble so they offer a lot of preventative care! Use them – the PLF, that is.

And, if you are a client of an attorney you cannot locate, call the Oregon State Bar.

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