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Careers for Lawyers Inside and Outside the Law

Yes, Virginia, lawyers can follow their bliss.
I noticed a reference to the Portland Law Collective and it got me thinking about the law students and lawyers I have worked with over the past 25 years, and my own musings over “what can one do with a law degree?”
The list is endless – and exciting:
Not everyone is cut out for an investment bank, a big law firm with carpets, views, and free vending machines, a courtroom, 2 a.m. phone calls from the police or a client, for drug court, for a hospital-bedside visit with an abused child, or for the halls of academe – the classroom, the clinic, the law library, or the dean’s office.
There are a zillion other things you can “do” with a law degree.  Just about every profession, every field of interest, every business has a job that could benefit from someone with legal training.
Careers in the law:
Law school admissions and career services websites are a good place to begin when searching for useful information and links on law jobs:
A few links:
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