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Cell Phone Law from the 2009 Oregon Legislature


The Oregon cell phone bill that became law: House Bill 2377 (or link to the enrolled bill from here): Relating to use of mobile communication device while driving; amending ORS 811.507

When signed, it will show up at the Governor’s webpage and, when given a Chapter number, as an Oregon Law. It will not appear in the ORS until the Oregon Laws are codified by Legislative Counsel, most likely early in 2010. Then, look for the 2009 ORS, online and in print. Until then, you need to read it in its session law form.

The DMV will likely have more information soon about the cell phone law.

Other 2009 Oregon legislative bills that passed were highlighted in a June 30th press release and include:

1) Affordable housing construction and renovation (HB 2436)
2) Preventing metal theft (SB 570)
3) Protected students from improper sexual conduct by teachers (HB 2062 and HB 2063)
4) Aid to homeowners facing foreclosure and putting new limits on mortgage companies (SB 328, HB 2188)
5) Fighting identity theft (HB 2371)
6) Ban the sale of toy lighters (HB 2365)
7) Make homes and businesses more energy efficient through the EEAST program (HB 2626)
8) Reducing greenhouse gas emissions (HB 2186)
9) Fighting invasive species (HB 2424)
10) Adding new fines to persistent polluters (SB 105)
11) Approved plan to publish budgets and other info to the internet (HB 2500)
12) Allows all veterans to pay in-state tuition (HB 2571)
13) Allows combat medics to receive Oregon emergency responders license (HB 3097)

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