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Chickens and the Law


“Give me a chicken over a stupid cat any day …” (from here)

What is it about chickens that makes people a little, well, funny? Today’s story on “chicken zoning,” so to speak, at KATU has some great lines in it, and then there was this a little while ago about a woman shooting her husband after he shot her pet chicken. We also get a few questions a year on “how many chickens …?” Maybe we need an Oregon Chicken Blog? No, maybe not.

I do also remember one of the funniest short stories I ever read was by H.E. Bates. A chicken played a major, if off-stage, role. It was titled, if I remember it correctly, “The World is Too Much With Us,” (yes, after the Wordsworth poem – but well before it became over-quoted ;-). (And for those of you not poetically inclined (I’m not really either), you should know H.E. Bates if only because his “Darling Buds of May,” made into a multi-part series by the BBC was the break-out movie for Catherine Zeta-Jones. Librarians are so full of it, aren’t we?

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