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Claymation and Legal Research


I went to the Amazing World of Claymation exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society and, of course, saw the legal research angle! Wouldn’t any law librarian?

So, you may ask, what does legal research have to do with claymation?

Quite a lot, if you want to make a business (or any money) out of the art and craft of claymation. And without business or money, most of us would never have heard of claymation, which would be very sad.

Take a look at the exhibit’s blurb about Will Vinton, including words like trademark and business, both of which scream LEGAL RESEARCH and LAWYERS! Take a look at Will Vinton’s webpage and you’ll see more LAW, from distribution rights, copyrights, corporate formation, boards of directors, takeovers, economic stresses, and more – a veritable legal treasure trove!

But, even if you don’t care about the legal aspects of all these Artistic Endeavors, you’ll still love the claymation exhibit (and the accompanying 3-D exhibit – with more LAW on the way, in 3 dimensions no doubt).

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