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Consumer Law News and Advice in Oregon


The Oregonian’s Business section of the daily print paper has had such good consumer law and small business stories and information lately that I’m wondering why they call it Business, rather than Law or Working or Buying & Selling. (I’m sure one of their readers or reporters could come up with something better – naming newspaper sections is clearly not my bailiwick.)

That said, be sure to look at their consumer info, especially, but not only, the Complaint Desk. I cut out some of the best Oregon consumer news from local newspapers and more than one of my library patrons has benefited from that old-fashioned “vertical file” of articles. Some samples from the Complaint Desk:

1) Get past the operator; find real people

2) How to research a company

3) And there’s even a Past Columns with Updates!

They also keep up with some of the Legislature’s consumer law activity, e.g. new Oregon laws on debt collection: SB 386 and SB 328 (both of which the Governor has signed into law).

And see also, the Oregon Department of Justice, Attorney General website

As you would expect, there is also an awful lot of consumer law news on the web. I visit these frequently:

1) The Unsponsored Link

2) Nolo Press blogs

3) National Consumer Law Center

4) FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection

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