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Consumer Protection and Blogging: A Match Made in Heaven?


I post not infrequently* about consumer protection issues, which are a big part of public law library (and regular public library) business from both attorneys and non-attorneys:

From Portlander Isaac Laquedem’s blog : “Comcast calls Isaac to apologize for my overpayment

Cable giant Comcast wrote me last month to complain that it owed me some money, and if I didn’t write it a check for $203.32 below zero, it would cut off my service. I posted the letter three days ago, on Friday.

Today a Comcast executive e-mailed me to say that he’d seen my blog post (likely from an automated computer search), and would I call him? Comcast is sorry for the trouble. I called, and we had a pleasant chat … “ (continue reading)

*”not infrequently” is a litotes in case you were wondering what a litotes is – at least I *think* it’s a litotes (she said with no small amount of uncertainty 🙂

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