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Consumer Sleuth: Engaging the Nancy Drew or Hardy Boy Within


While you are channeling Your Inner Sherlock Holmes, you can also engage your inner Consumer Self-Help resourcefulness.

The Oregonian’s Complaint Desk had an excellent story of how you can resolve a consumer mystery and find your missing mo-ped, by following the trail of a missing-in-action company, aptly named Knuckle Head (but still nice guys and not out to harm anyone – librarians love happy endings!).

A bit of online sleuthing brings mo-ped reunion, from the Sunday Oregonian (print) and online, September 20, 2009.

From the Oregon Secretary of State’s office, to the Attorney General’s office, and onward … [excerpt]: “… Then came the fun part: Individual online searches of the full business name, owner’s name, phone number and address. This is where consumers must think like detectives, busting out the skills picked up from all those late-night “Law & Order” reruns. Open any link that sounds as if it could have something to do with the business you’re looking for….” (Read full article)

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