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Courthouse Romance? Oregon Judges Perform Weddings: Who, What, Where, and How (the Why is up to you)


Courthouses can be happy places on rare occasions and weddings can cheer up the otherwise gloomy edifices since wedding parties usually dress more colorfully than litigants (not to mention smile more) and that can brighten up almost everyone’s day (except of course for gloomy Gus in the bushes shouting “don’t do it!“)

For example, visit the Washington County Circuit Court Weddings website for information about getting married at their Courthouse.

Or, what about Clatsop County Courthouse?

Check with your own county’s Circuit Court or the county where you want to be married. Use the OJD Court Information Finder tool at their website to find a courthouse.

And don’t forget that marriage license, which you’ll get from a county government office. (The County Circuit Courts are state government offices, the Judicial Branch of state government.)

Now about those engagement rings: The Law of Engagement Rings (with a side of ring-flingers and Oregon cows)

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