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Criminal Records Verification in Oregon – a Legislative Report


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HB 4091: Workgroup Report: Recommendations Regarding Criminal Records Verification in Oregon

Excerpt from Executive Summary:

Criminal Background Checks—Verifying Eligibility for Licensure or Employment

Criminal background verification is an essential component of consumer protection in the licensing and employment of individuals in many professions, including but not limited to medical practitioners, educators, law enforcement officers, etc. The purpose of this verification process is to ensure that the individual being licensed or employed—often to work directly with vulnerable populations—does not have a criminal history that represents a demonstrable negative bearing on the performance of that profession. To this end, most professions requiring licensure have specific requirements for verification of criminal history before a license is issued or renewed. These verification requirements are established in either Federal or State law, depending on the specific profession….” [Link to full report.]

Read the full text of this report and other Reports to the Oregon State Legislature.

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