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Death of the (law) Digest and Headnote: Grossly Exaggerated?


No, it’s not all online.
No, a lawyer researching online won’t always beat out the “paper” lawyer.
No, a legal researcher using print won’t always eat the dust of an online legal researcher

Yes, we all love online, but we also know its limits, especially in the hands (and mind) of a good legal researcher.
Yes, there are a lot of writers saying print is dead – and lots of researchers who say, no it isn’t.

Yes, there are a lot of experienced lawyers and law librarians who are appalled at the (print and online) legal research skills and habits of many new lawyers (at least those who won’t listen to research tips from those who are more experienced).

No, the Digest and the Headnote aren’t yet dead (but some other print resources may be).

Yes, they are extremely useful tools even, especially, in the online world, as well as in the print Digest world.

Yes, we love discussing the subject!

Law Librarian Blog brings us this discussion: Jason Wilson: The digest is dead. So why isn’t the headnote?

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