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Debt Collectors, Oregon Consumer Law, and the National Arbitration Forum


I’ve been working on a blog post linking to summaries of this Oregon Legislative Session’s consumer law accomplishments e.g. see the Oregon Live information, but got sidetracked by this story. Mandatory arbitration requirements have been a hot topic for a while amongst consumer law attorneys:

From an Oregon attorney’s blog post about a lawsuit against the National Arbitration Forum. Excerpt:

This major development in the fight against arbitration abuse has potential to cause some serious carnage. The State of Minnesota filed a lawsuit against National Arbitration Forum, a leading arbitration provider, claiming that NAF is a front for debt collectors and their law firms and not an independent arbitration service. Here’s a copy of the complaint–it’s long–for anyone who is interested….” (read full post)

Other news stories about this lawsuit can be found using this search in Google:

minnesota lawsuit national arbitration forum (and set your date range for the past month)

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