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DIY Justice: Citizen Prosecution of Dangerous Drivers in Oregon


Maybe you saw the recent New York Times Magazine Tip: “How to Make a Citizen’s Arrest,” by Malia Wollan, May 6, 2016. (Also in their “Crime and Criminals” library.)

Maybe you wondered about Oregon’s laws on citizen’s arrests?

Maybe you also wondered if Portland, Oregon, means business with its Vision Zero plan (zero traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries)?

Only time will tell about the latter, but in the meantime, do your part to get dangerous drivers off the road with these DIY Justice guides. Yes, you can make a citizen’s arrest, aka “play traffic cop” in Oregon. But you have to follow the rules and be smart to be a reliable and effective enforcer:

Articles, Guides, and Forms on Citizen’s Arrests:

1) Attorney Ray Thomas’ guides and forms on Citizen’s Prosecutions, which apply not just to bicyclists: “BICYCLES AND THE LAW: Citizen Prosecution of Dangerous Drivers: A Users’ Guide on How Others Have Done It and How You Can Do It for Yourself,” by Ray Thomas

2) Portland, Oregon, Vision Zero Plan.

3)  Corey Pein, 2008 Portland Mercury, article:
“DIY Justice: In Oregon, The Man lets you be The Man, too. Here’s how to play traffic cop,” by Corey Pein, September 2, 2008.

4) Previous Oregon Legal Research blog posts on citizen’s arrests.

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