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Do You TinyURL?


(URL = Uniform Resource Locator, e.g. this is a url: and so is this:

TinyURL has been around for donkey’s years, but it’s never too late be the latest person to learn about TinyURL. And, best of all, the service has about a 3-second learning curve. Paste in your long URL, wait a second, and voila, out comes your TinyURL:

From their web page:

“Turn this URL: p.x=300&mqmap.y=75&mapdata=%252bKZmeiIh6N%252bIgpXRP3bylMaN0O4z8OOUkZWYe7NRH6ldDN96YFTIUmSH3Q6OzE5XVqcuc5zb%252fY5wy1MZwTnT2pu%252bNMjOjsHjvNlygTRMzqazPStrN%252f1YzA0oWEWLwkHdhVHeG9sG6cMrfXNJKHY6fML4o6Nb0SeQm75ET9jAjKelrmqBCNta%252bsKC9n8jslz%252fo188N4g3BvAJYuzx8J8r%252f1fPFWkPYg%252bT9Su5KoQ9YpNSj%252bmo0h0aEK%252bofj3f6vCP

into this tinyURL:

Which one would you rather cut and paste into your browser? That’s the power of TinyURL!”

*** Librarians, and the rest of the world, LOVE TinyURL ***

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