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eCourt Questions (and answers) for Oregon Lawyers


Oregon eCourt Meltdown? Breathe deeply and:

1) Please contact the OJD eCourt helplines – because they can’t fix eCourt problems if they don’t know about them! Link to OJD and Tyler Technologies support services from these OJD websites:

OJCIN ONline and OJD eFiling

2) PLF Practice Management Advisors and their Oregon Law Practice Management Blog, which has lots of useful eCourt information (and it’s not behind a firewall so your legal assistants can get to it easily). The PLF advisors may also refer you to a fee-based service that can provide even more assistance.

Start with this OLPM eCourt blog post or review all OLPM blog eCourt posts, which are updated regularly.

3) Ask your county bar association to set up an eCourt CLE. You can be sure you’re not the only person with eCourt questions!

4) Ask questions on your Oregon lawyer listserves. But don’t forget, not all counties have migrated to OECI so you still need OJIN access – and your question(s) should identify the relevant county.

5) Last, but not least (or until I update this blog post with additional information), several Oregon county law libraries have OJIN, OECI, and ACMS workstations. While law librarians do not generally have eCourt filing (or full-text document retrieval) privileges, you can use the workstations for docket searches and training.

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