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Elisor, Desuetude, Misprision: huh?


As is the case for any vocation or avocation, the law is filled with Words that make us go huh! in the night (but not with this huh and surely not to be confused with d’oh, unless you use the Word incorrectly while speaking to a judge in a crowded courtroom).

We’re not talking about those legal Latin words and phrases that can make even (especially) legal writing gurus, who usually favor plain speaking and writing, roll their eyes.

There are many law dictionaries in the wide world of the web and there is a new edition of Black’s Law Dictionary on the horizon (the 9th, to be precise, though I sincerely doubt it will have the impact of Beethoven’s 9th symphony).

Lately, I’ve found the online dictionary at Law dot com to be very useful:


But don’t forget, not unlike crossword puzzle judges, law judges too specify which dictionary rules: see my previous OLR blog post on Dictionaries.

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