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Farewell to the U.S. Statistical Abstract (on the budget chopping block)


The U.S. Statistical Abstract, an official and astonishingly time-saving research tool for researchers, public administrators, land use planners, and the business community world-wide, is slated for the budget chopping block.

It will not be continued online, although there is talk about a pilot project for publishing some of the data, not all of which is available to the public even if researchers wanted to make their own data compilations.

1) What is (or was) the U.S. Statistical Abstract? (You may remember the book, but the data is (or was) also online.) (See the Wikipedia entry also.)

2) American Library Association (ALA) Legislative Action Center information.

3) University of Michigan’s Population Studies Center’s blog entry about the budget cut.

4) For more information, contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives: How to contact your representatives in Congress (the image takes a while to load so be patient)

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