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Finally: Free Access to Taxpayer Funded Congressional Research Reports (within 90 days)


See this 3/28/18, post by Gavin Blake at the ALA District Dispatch:

We did it! CRS reports will be public”

Excerpt: “After 20 years of advocacy by ALA, the public will soon have access to reports by the Congressional Research Service (CRS). A provision requiring public access to CRS reports was included in the omnibus appropriations law signed by the President on March 23.

Library supporters can celebrate this long-sought victory. ALA has advocated for online public access to CRS reports since Council adopted a resolution on the topic in 1998….” [Link to full District Dispatch post.)

Librarians of all stripes, academic, law, and public, have been advocating for free access to these CRS Reports for decades, so thank your librarian and their professional library associations today.

Note: If you want to read the entire bill, PL 115-141, H.R.1625, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2018, visit the Congress dot Gov website.

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