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How to Find Oregon Senatorial District Demographics by County Population? Statistical Atlas!


The MULTNOMAH COUNTY HOME RULE CHARTER [Amendments Approved November 8, 2016], states:

“12.40. Appointment of Committee Members.
The charter review committee shall be composed as follows:
(1) The committee shall have two electors appointed from each senatorial district having the majority of its voters within Multnomah County, and shall have one elector appointed from each senatorial district having less than a majority of its voters within Multnomah County….”

I could find some data at the Oregon Legislature’s website, but not all. So, I asked a Reference Services Librarian (Ask a Librarian service) at our Oregon State Library’s Government Information Division and received this helpful and useful information, which as you’ll see, allows you to find all sorts of demographic data:

“Multnomah County’s many senatorial districts are mapped here and even more detail here:

You can use the Statistical Atlas to find out what the population is in each district. The Atlas uses US Census data, however it’s only up to date to 2015.

For example, I used the information for District 17 which does have the majority of its population in Multnomah County.

You will have to play around a bit to show each district’s population distribution, but it should do the trick.”

Enjoy your research explorations!

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