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How to Find the ORS “Sections Affected by Measures” (aka List of Sections Affected)


When this shortcut works, use the ORS Archives page and look for the Statutes Affected by Measures Tables (on the right as of today).

A longer or alternate way around to the same information for each Legislative Session:

This example assumes you have a print set of the 2011 ORS and want to know which ORS sections changed in 2013.

You will need to locate the “Sections Affected by Measures” publication at the Legislature’s website.

You need to get to the right Session first. You can travel from the Legislature’s Bills and Laws homepage or for this example:

1) Shortcut to the 2013 Regular Session OLIS page.
2) From that 2013 Regular Session OLIS page, click on “Reports” for the dropdown menu (upper right)
3) From that “Reports” menu, click on “Daily and Cumulative Session Publications
4) You’ll see the “Sections Affected by Measures” document and others. Voila!

If you have a 2009 ORS, you can update with the 2011 “Sections Affected by Measures” document and a 2013 “Sections Affected by Measures” document.

But don’t forget to double-check those Special Sessions, just in case ….

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