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Free Information is Better then Free Stuff


You don’t have to store free information, except in your brain or in a notebook. You don’t need to rent storage units, buy a bigger condo, or park your car on the street because the garage is full of stuff. And if you have to run away from home, you don’t need to carry much more more than your library card. (Note to those who take me way too seriously: if you run away from home, please do a little more research.)

With your library card, you have access to so much free information your head may explode. And if you live somewhere the libraries don’t offer these services, you can often buy into them for a small annual fee.

Check out this CNET Story, Free Information for the Taking.
Check out Multnomah County Public Library web page.
Check out Washington County Public Library web pages.
Check out the New York Public Library library card web page.

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