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Free Legal Forms Templates (NOT fill-in-the-blank forms!)


We’re beginning to compile a list of free, online, legal formatting templates.NOTE: this is NOT a list  of “fill in the blank” legal action-specific forms.  These are very simple forms templates, with field and line number formatting, that a litigant and lawyer could use to draft their own legal documents when specialized, sometimes expensive legal forms software is unavailable.

You still need to research the law!

We’ll add to this list as we learn about more options, but it’s a start:

1) Open Office: type “legal templates” into the search box, which might just lead you to this url.
2) If you have MS Word 2007, 2003, or other MS Office version, go to the MS Office homepage and type “legal” into the search box.
3) Sacramento (California) County Public Law Library has blank templates on their site. Go to their main site and type “templates” into the search box(This is for CALIFORNIA forms, not Oregon!  There is no equivalent guide in Oregon, yet.)
And, please, don’t forget about the Oregon Legal Forms Pyramid!
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