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“Fully Loaded: How America’s 10 biggest gunmakers do business” (Mother Jones)


“Fully Loaded: How America’s 10 biggest gunmakers do business,” by Josh Harkinson, Mother Jones, June 2016

Do you want to do more research?

Sample searches: see note below about how to control and limit your wildly random Internet searches:

global arms trade
global arms sales
global arms sales statistics
arms sales worldwide by country
gun manufacturers
weapons manufacturers
children killed by war international country statistics
law enforcement police prosecutors gun control

Limit your search by date if you want the most recent articles, or by source, e.g. site:gov or site:edu, etc. Use this search to find other Google search tips (and limit by date, please – a 2010 tip may not be of any use in 2016): google search tips

And, sometimes a human librarian can save you lots of research time, assuming you want reliable and quotable (or citable) information, e.g. this “Google Tips & Tricks” LibGuide from the University of Rhode Island.

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