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Funding Terminated for the “U.S. Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics” (eff. July 1, 2012)


“The Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics has been produced at the Hindelang Criminal Justice Research Center (University at Albany, SUNY) since 1973. Originally published annually in print format, it is now available as a free Internet resource. Funding for this resource has been provided by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (U.S. Department of Justice). 

As of July 31, 2012 the Justice Department will no longer be funding the project. Staff at the Hindelang Center are investigating possible commercial publishers for the Sourcebook.” (Source: law and government librarian listserv.)

You won’t find this news at the U.S. Department of Justice blog or at their Justice News site, but the USDOJ site has lots of other news.

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