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Government Comics Repository (online, yet): Who Knew?


Did you know there was a repository for government comics? I sure didn’t, but others did, including some law librarians. It doesn’t surprise me that such a repository exists, and someone should let Mr. Mankoff know (if he doesn’t already), but not everyone has my idea of a dream job, which is to be head honcho in a Comics Library (aka the Funny (Biblio) Farm). I’m still working on a secret identity, but might stick with my previous choice of Miss Knowitalia (from Cul de Sac, an excellent cartoon).

See the Law Librarian Blog post from April 1, 2010 (but no joke, at least not entirely). The link to the repository is priceless.

Excerpt: “…Did you know that the University of Nebraska-Lincoln maintains an online collection of government comics? Me neither so a big hat tip to Free Government Information. My favorite, so far, is Johnny Gets the Word. It’s supposed to be about STDs but I’m in a Johnny Westlaw frame of mind at the moment….” (Link to full LLB post.)

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