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Government (dot gov) Websites


There are many new federal government websites (and some that appear to be official government websites but are not, though they can be very useful too – just be aware of the difference). Here are some U.S. government websites I’ve visited recently:

1) U.S.A. dot gov: the red, white, and blue of government websites

2) Data dot gov: for the statistician within

3) Recovery dot gov: for some monetary stimulation

4) Pandemicflu dot gov: guess

5) My Money dot gov: if you don’t take care of it, who will?

Research tip: When you want just dot gov sites in your search results:

From many search engines (though it can be frustrating to figure if the one you are using does this), you can add the following to your search terms if you want just dot gov websites: (that is, type: site colon dot gov (no spaces needed))

Or, use the search engine’s Advanced Search feature, which also isn’t always easy to find. I noticed on Bing recently that you don’t get an “Advanced Search” button until after you run your search. I would ask why, but it’s pretty clear why. I just want it to stop.

You can use a similar search syntax for educational sites, e.g. if you want a dot edu domain, use the search syntax:

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