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Group Purchasing for Small Law Firms (with a side of dark humor)


Solo and small law firm practitioners, like small libraries, have a tough time achieving certain purchasing economies of scale. Bar associations offer some group discounts, but not always for what solo and small law firm practitioners need. Sometimes you need the strength, and heft, of bulk-buying behind you:

Bob Ambrogi’s (hompage) LawSites had a post on a couple of group purchasing options for law firms. (He also writes a monthly column in the Oregon State Bar (OSB) Bulletin.)

Another Site Offers Group Buying for Small Firms, July 26, 2010

And for a darkly humorous story on “legal” bulk-buying and effective selling:

National Center for State Courts (NCSC) report: “Future Trends in State Courts 2010,” page 191:

Denise Kyman Doran—Kabul, Afghanistan: …. “Denise also recounts that what might have seemed a small accomplishment was actually significant. For example the courts’ filing system was very poor quality. Denise wrote a grant to USAID, which turned it over to the Defense Department for funding. The project went out to bid, and staff found a local metalworker who would build cabinets. “On the day we delivered the cabinets to the Supreme Court a representative from the Department of Defense remarked the next time a bomb goes off ‘I know where to take cover.’ The metalworker used this remark to sell his cabinets to other government departments and ministries, which increased his business tenfold.” …’ (Link to full NCSC report directly, from the NCSC website, or from the Law Librarian Blog.)

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