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How do I find Oregon court records?


If you need a copy of a file in your case, you can contact the records department of your local court. If you just want to see the docket and list of events or documents, you can use the courts’ online Records and Calendar Search.

Some law libraries have access to the courts’ Oregon eCourt Case Information Network (OECI). That would allow you to browse documents. If you need a copy, you would need to then go to the court records department.

If you want to search for cases without knowing a party or case number, then you need to use a different tool. OECI does not offer a broad search function. Databases like LexisNexis or Westlaw do allow docket searching. This allows you to search through the dockets for key terms. However, you might not be able to view the documents. You would need to get the case number or party name and pull up the case on OECI. Your local law library can help you with this process.

Oregon’s appellate courts have a different system. Most of the records for appellate cases are only accessible through the Oregon Court of Appeals and Supreme Court in Salem. The decisions of those courts however are easily found in Oregon’s case reporters or online through various databases. You can find Oregon appellate briefs from 2004-2020 online through the State of Oregon Law Library. Some appellate briefs from 1963-2005 may be found in some county law libraries.


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