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How to Find a Law Review Article: Let me count the ways


If you need a specific article, and have the author or title, you might be able to find it free on the Internet.

(You will need many indexes and a full-service legal research database, and a research strategy, to perform a full legal literature subject search for magazine, journal, law review, newsletter, and newspaper articles.)

1) Use your Internet search engine of choice: enter the article title or keywords from the title and the author(s) name(s).

2) Google Scholar

3) Check the author’s personal or a professional website. Depending on the publication, authors can retain copyright to their articles and may post copies of their articles on their own websites.

4) ABA Free Full-Text Online Law Review/Journal Search

5) Your public library may have free, remote access databases for library card-holders and many also have “legal collection” databases with lots of law review articles: Oregon Public Libraries or Oregon State Library Directory

6) University Law Review Project

7) Ask a Librarian: e.g. post your question to L-net (if you don’t live in Oregon, post your question to your state’s or your library’s “ask us” service)

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